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A key to the success of any organisation is the visual expression of itself.

A good logo can bring a brand to life.

Branding should create a common thread that brings together relevant messages, reflecting a company’s personality and values.

Creative Input have designed logos and identities to effectively communicate messages for over 25 years, across many diverse markets.

Branding: Have a look at some of our Branding/Logo examples>>>

Corporate Brochures

A company profile, a product, a service or a combination of all, whatever it is it needs to be transmitted to its audience in a positive, attractive and informative way.

It provides an essential competitive element to companies, strengthening the bonds between businesses and their customers, and ultimately can
improve the bottom line.

Creative Input have vast experience in analysing a company’s market place to achieve effective and stylish results.

Corporate Brochures: Have a look at some of our Corporate Brochure examples>>>


Creative Input have helped many schools, academies, trusts and colleges raise thier profile with intelligent, informative communications to parents, pupils, governors, stake holders and communities.

From a stunning new prospectus, a complete rebrand for your school, creative photography, handbooks and pupil/staff organisers, websites, newsletters, display, signage and even consulting on how your new image can be translated into new uniforms, bags and clothing, we have the experience, know-how and creativity to deliver the perfect package for your school, whatever the budget.

Case Studies

Have a look at some of our Education examples>>>


From batteries to locks, litter bins to industrial tools, jewellery to holidays, Creative Input have experience in producing informative and user-friendly catalogues for your product or service.

Informative, well designed brand literature can really ‘raise the bar’ for your company.

It should give stature and confidence to your products and your staff, giving a better impression, and make people listen and think differently about your company.

Have a look at some of our catalogue examples>>


A website that works for your company is what we deliver.

On line design should follow a strongly stated, coherent identity, be easy to use, easy to navigate and find what you want quickly and with minimum fuss.

Of course, the backend of a website and the technical side of it can be daunting for anyone, but we have the knowledge and support to ‘make it all work’.

From full e-commerce sites to a company profile web presence, Creative Input have the ability, knowledge and of course, creativity, to deliver a solution on-line for any business.

Have a look at some of our website examples>>

Signs/Display & Packaging

From exhibition stands, popup stands, packaging, signs, banners or display, Creative Input ensure that your message gets across.

Have a look at some of our signs/display & packaging examples>>

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